• Kostelska uskrsna pištola
  • Kostelska uskrsna pištola

Owners of the Krapina-Kostelgrad manor from the 16th century, the noble family Keglević, had their own armed units. In addition to fighting the Turks, the Keglevićs used their banderium to participate in the celebrations of church holidays and customs in the area. Thus, the members of the banderium also had the duty of guarding Jesus' tomb and firing from weapons in honor of Jesus' resurrection. The Feast of Easter, which tells about the resurrection of Christ and the uninterrupted continuity of life in the language of faith, takes place at the time when nature returns to life. This is the time when the apparent lethargy ends and a new life begins, and the people of Kostelj even nowadays happily greet the signs of a new life by shooting from a pistol. This 500-year-old custom has the status of a protected intangible asset of the Republic of Croatia, and it has spread from Kostel throughout Croatia and beyond.

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